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Equal Money Forum Guidelines

Postby Lindsay Craver » Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:56 pm

Equal Money Forum - Community Guidelines

The Equal Money Forum is a online community and communication-platform for discussions about The Equal Money System, its implementation and practical function as a new monetary system. The topics covered on the forum range from all points relevant to life on earth, from water supply and housing to distribution and parenting. If you have not already investigated what the basics of what an Equal Money System is and what has been suggested as its practical function, we suggest that you before asking questions and before participating on the forum, visit the following sites:

What the FAQ - Equal Money System (also available in foreign languages)
What the FAQ is an Equal Money System - Volume 1
The Destonians Network Wiki
Equal Money System Wiki

The discussions on the forum are based on common sense consideration of what an Equal Money System will consist of and exist as and we invite you to ask questions and participate in discussions about practical solutions that consider what is Best for All Life as that is the basic foundation of the Equal Money System. We also invite you to participate in researching such solutions. On the forum there are therefore also sub-forums that one can engage in and with.

No abuse will be tolerated on the forum whatsoever and all posts will therefore be moderated to support the development of common-sense and equal communication and discussions.

It is not possible to delete one’s posts after posting. This forum is walked in self-responsibility and self-accountability for one’s words. Thus, consider what you are expressing before posting, as it cannot be altered/changed/deleted once it is placed. If there are technical issues, contact a moderator for assistance.


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