End dairy farming

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End dairy farming

Postby tormod » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:19 am

End dairy farming

Dairy farming is today a farming industry that supplies the world’s supermarket with milk, yoghurt, cheese and is cream to mentions some. It is my honest opinion that this must end. Dairy farming is not healthy for cows. It is directly damaging. It is systematically separating the calves from the cow mother, and exploiting the cow from its milk. Sucking out the milk from the cow’s udder and it teats for months and years after it’s given birth, and unnaturally making milk in the cow teats giving the cow unnatural big udder. Also giving the cow inflammation with its teats. And other health related problems.

Dairy farms must come to an end. The dairy farming is not common sense. And there are other options. Rice milk, wheat milk, and soya milk. To mention some.

Dairy farming is not what I best for an in equality and oneness and must end. To keep milking the cow juts for its milk is just not common sense and it is not what is best for the cow.

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Re: End dairy farming

Postby barbara » Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:30 pm

Yes, for sure, this is also a point that requires reconsideration. Here in Germany one is able to find a few farmers that have gone back to raising the calves on pastures alongside their mothers and only then (after that time) they are additionally milked, which is a step in the right direction where life is being supported in a dignified way. Also they have noticed that the horns should be left on, as quite a few had started to saw them off to make the cattle less aggressive and stop them hurting each other, the horns being a kind of feedback mechanism for the hormone production. It was seen that specific enzymes weren't produced any longer when the horns were missing, which rendered the milk not as easily digestible and raised allergic reactions to it. It somehow didn't become obvious to them that the aggression might be due to stress with their maintanance situation and upkeep. So, lots that requires change.

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Re: End dairy farming

Postby Marlen » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:06 am

Thanks for the information and agreed with the proposal. We have been exploiting animals to suit the created needs with the starting point of profit instead of actual common sense support that is sustainable and non damaging. Studies have also revealed that milk is not necessary at all in adults contrary to what is broadly promoted by the media/advertisement industry.

Also very interesting on the horns, Barbara, maybe that's why almost everyone has become lactose intolerant, maybe the milk is lacking that component that is no longer there due to cows lacking the horns. This is also proof of how we have no direct investigation as to how we affect the cycles that have been part of nature and how we have believed we can just 'change things' without measuring the consequences effectively.

This is how in preparation to a new sustainable system, the foods that we eat will be measured according to their actual value of nutrition instead of profit or merely taste/preference based on the acquired 'needs' that our parents and their parents have accepted as normal and how things are.

We will have specialists with research on the effects of the foods we eat without basing it all in profit or satisfying corporate needs to sell a product that is not genuinely required by our bodies. In the end this is supposed to be about nutrition but instead, it has been turned into a lucrative market where the wellbeing of the animals, humans and all the labor that goes with the production of dairy as any other food, is placed aside as mere means to an end, instead of it being the other way around.

Thanks for the contribution

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